Sorry Bowie, ILY

Machine Learning


April 2021


Step 1:  Generate a new Bowie song 
Step 2: Generate a new Bowie and call it BowAI
Step 3: Generate a BowAI album art 
Step 4: Generate BowAI singing
Step 5: Generate a BowAI music video  

Step 1:  A new Bowie song

[a verse from the generated song]

...Knowledge comes at a price
Calamity's child, comedy's grin
Satisfaction a laceration in my brain
Wrong, heartache,
I'd love to have a little heartache
Yeah, I'd love to have a little heartache

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Step 2:  A new Bowie  

Step 3:  A new album art  

Step 4:  BowAI singing

Step 4:  Presenting...the music video  

WARNING! It sounds like scratching nail on a chalkboard 

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rajshree saraf, May 2022