How far would you go for love?



October 2021

For Love


Reinterpret The Legend of the White Snake (a Chinese legend) as an interative story

Quick summary

An immortal snake falls in love with a mortal human and uses her power to help him and live as a human with him. It’s known to be a legendary tale of a brave love between two creatures that shouldn’t be with each other. 

My hawt take

Some of the things she did was questionable. Not everything can be justified and forgiven as an ‘act of love’ - what is too much? where do you draw the line? 

Interactive storytelling 

Using AR spatial audio to show the two sides - on one side is the voice of the narrator who is just stating facts and on the other side is the lover (the snake) rationalising the actions as an act of love.

When the view is the middle, they can hear both voices equally. They can then agency to physcially move in either direction to hear that narrative louder. When they’re closer to the narrator - they hear the facts clearly and the rationalising voice in the distance and vice-versa. 

I hoped to start a conversation on romantic gestures and how it can often be problematic. Here, it was interesting for me to see the viewers physically walk away from the voice of the lover when they’ve had enough. 

rajshree saraf, May 2022