Terrible Projection Mapping

With Stuti Mohagaonkar
October 2020


India is one of the most polluted countries and the second most populated country in the world. 

It is not a good news for Diwali. It is the festival of lights. People burst crackers and stuff. 

Diwali is something I grew up celebrating, it's a feeling I would look forward to every year. As a citizen who cares about the environment, I was always so torn between wanting to burst crackers and not.

Being away from home in New York last Diwali, and without the other rituals to keep up our Diwali spirit - my roommate and I felt even more homesick.

The fun isn’t in just bursting firecrackers - it’s in risking your life to burst these firecrackers


The mechanism was simple - using light to activate the firework and creating an urgency to return to a 'safe zone'.  

rajshree saraf, May 2022